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A3 Sized Cards/Worksheets/Flashcards

Diagnostic Test for Feedback and Next Learning Steps

Aligns to the ELLPs

Adheres to the NZ ESOL Principles

Scientifically Based Design and Development

Fluency Development

Vocabulary Extension

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Review Gameboard

Target Language Activity Ideas

Diagnostic Test for Competency.
Detailed Test Analysis for Next Learning Steps.

Backed by Scientific Research-Spaced Retrieval/
Errorless Learning/Hebbian Theory

An Accelerated ESOL Resource
for Young Learners

English Planet

English Planet Online improves accuracy in speaking, reading and writing.

English Planet Online is ideal to review English Planet lessons or as a self study course to improve accuracy in speaking, reading and writing. It can be used as part of a regular ESOL class or as a flipped class. It can also be studied alongside any other English language programme.


Courses Available Online

English Planet Online

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English Planet Online

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English Planet Online

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English Planet Online Sample

English Planet Online

  • For beginner ESOL students-covers the essential language in English.
  • Study English Planet Online alongside any English language programme.
  • Each lesson has a test for grammatical accuracy and comprehension.
  • Earn points and awards as you study.
  • Useful testing tool for target language.


  • Full Audio-Practice pronunciation and speaking fluency.
  • Toggle Switches-Turn text/image box on/off. (Use to test language comprehension).
  • Back/Next Buttons-Navigate easily between slides.
  • Pass Test-Achieve 80% or higher to progress to the next lesson.
  • Track student progress with a school license package.

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EEE Friends and Family

EEE Friends and Family

Success in English is the sum of your language experiences. With the contribution of all those involved, ESOL students excel in English language acquisition. Thank you to our friends and family below.

“My students need this to correct their speaking habits.”
Kirk Parsons
“My students make so many grammatical errors in their writing. I use English Planet to correct these errors.”
Joseph Paul
“The learning progressions align, fantastic!”
Mark O'Connor
“I like that the online content supports my ESOL classes.”
“All the planning and prep is done for us!”
Karrin Parker
“The placement test is perfect for feedback and consultation.”
Cushla Nolan